Fret Threats

I was processing recently about a pattern I was beginning to see in myself: my internal default setting leans towards fretting a lot more these days. I wouldn’t previously have described myself as an overly anxious or worrisome person. I’ve gone to places in the world some might fear going to. I. Continue reading

10/11/20 DTS

DTS (In Just Under 2 Minutes)

So DTS sounds kind of exciting! Travel the world, learn about Jesus and bless other people? Yes please! But you might be asking yourself: what exactly is DTS anyways and how does it work? Let us tell you in under 2 minutes! Continue reading


Certain Uncertainty

I went on my usual walk today and passed a familiar mound for the umpteenth time.  For some reason I stopped and took a photo of it because it seems to capture how I’ve felt at times in this COVID-19 season. Not only does it look like I can’t move forward but I’m frustrated that I feel blocked from. Continue reading

12/08/20 Hope, Kingdom of God, Restoration, Mental Health

The Lost Art of Lament

Mental health is often an avoided topic within church circles. Some unknowingly retreat to spiritual bypassing for answers to those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, making passive responses like: ‘Just give your burdens to God’, ‘Let go and let God’, ‘Don’t allow. Continue reading


God's Love Is An Open Field

I don’t know about you, but I can really struggle to make decisions with God. I have so many options in front of me and I don’t really know what I should choose. I do my best to ask God, and I think that God does communicate and wants to share his thoughts with me. But sometimes the process can. Continue reading

14/07/20 Healing, Hope, Life, Personal Testimonies, YWAM, Mental Health

Becoming Whole

“What is simple often isn’t easy; what is easy often doesn’t last.” - Bob Goff They say that we all have either a fight or flight response to emergency situations. I’m a fighter. What that means is that I am able to put my emotions aside for a time so that I can have good discernment and make clear. Continue reading

30/06/20 discipleship, Hope, Life, Personal Testimonies, YWAM

One Step At A Time

  Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to not look at the mountains in front of us. We can get so overwhelmed by our situations and circumstances that we can lose sight of where God is in the story. Continue reading

16/06/20 DTS, YWAM

Sometimes You Just Have To Start

  If you’re anything like me, trying to make an important decision when it seems like there are a million good options can feel overwhelming. I remember when I was about a year out from finishing high school telling God he had twelve months to let me know what I was supposed to do after graduating.. Continue reading

2/06/20 DTS, YWAM

Are Finances Holding You Back?

It can be really scary to step out and trust God to provide what we don’t have, and for many deciding to do a DTS, it’s the first step in giving this season of life to him. There may be a number of questions coming up in your mind when it comes to finances: What if I don’t have enough? How do I. Continue reading

20/05/20 DTS, YWAM

But Am I _____ Enough For DTS?

So, you’re thinking about doing Discipleship Training School and the idea might have you pretty excited! But, maybe every so often you hear a nagging little voice in your head that says: “Yeah, but are you really _____ enough for DTS?” What goes into that blank might be different for each of us,. Continue reading

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