31/08/17 Personal Testimonies

Peace is Possible

− "It was when I met with a former jihadist and he offered me communion, that I realised there is no barrier too big between us." − Continue reading

17/08/17 Longterm Missions, Personal Testimonies

The Greatest Adventure

I think I came into missions with quite romanticised ideas of adventure, travel, and crowds of people coming to know Jesus. I’m sure it was with this in mind that I walked into a travel agency at eighteen years old with $1,400 cash in an envelope for a ticket to Australia. Continue reading

3/08/17 DTS, Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

Crossing the Border

The miraculous story of a family reuniting with their son at a music concert had me on the edge of my seat. The cup of tea in my hands grew cold and the snacks on the coffee table were forgotten as my ears craned to hear. Continue reading