29/04/20 DTS, YWAM

A Day in the Life of DTS

Stepping into a Discipleship Training School can be a life-changing experience. It's a dedicated season to go deeper in your relationship with God, and gain a greater understanding for you and the rest of the world. Continue reading

29/04/20 DTS, YWAM, Australia

How to Speak Australian

“G’day mate, welcome to ‘Straya. Soz we’re late. Just had to stop by Macca’s for brekky and a flat white and then at the servo to use the dunny.” Continue reading


Knowing God When Everything Feels Unknown

Just like everyone else, I had different ideas about how I would be spending my 2020.I’ve spent most of the past 18 months away from my home in Wollongong and was anticipating my return. I was very ready to come home and spend some much-needed time soaking in the company of a group of people I love. Continue reading