12/08/20 Hope, Kingdom of God, Restoration, Mental Health

The Lost Art of Lament

Mental health is often an avoided topic within church circles. Some unknowingly retreat to spiritual bypassing for answers to those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, making passive responses like: ‘Just give your burdens to God’, ‘Let go and let God’, ‘Don’t allow. Continue reading

8/02/16 Justice & Mercy, About, India, Kingdom of God, Magazine, Mercy Ministries, Midwife, Music, Songwriting

The Greatest in the Kingdom

My favourite description of God’s kingdom is in Isaiah 65. The prophet paints a picture of community where the sounds of weeping and distress are replaced by delight and rejoicing, where people have the homes and food and safety that they need; where work is enjoyed and children are born into hope. Continue reading