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Hearing the Name of Jesus for the Very First Time

I grew up in London; a city with a Church on every corner. At Christmas, schools in the area would rehearse and present the nativity story and at Easter, everyone knew it was about more than just chocolate, even if you didn’t believe. No matter where you went, anyone could tell you who the. Continue reading

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Crossing the Border

The miraculous story of a family reuniting with their son at a music concert had me on the edge of my seat. The cup of tea in my hands grew cold and the snacks on the coffee table were forgotten as my ears craned to hear. Continue reading

19/07/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

Around the Table

This weekend I ate the best beef sandwich I have ever had: succulent meat surrounded by a tangy mustard sauce, with fresh vegetables mixed in, enclosed by a toasted baguette to add a crunchy finish. The best part of this meal? The family I got to spend it with. Continue reading

4/04/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

The Weight of Waiting

Right now, I sit in my little room waiting on God. I have been waiting a long time. Waiting on God can be hard, exciting, suffocating, excruciating, exhausting, exhilarating and definitely a learning experience. Continue reading

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Growing up in Missions

When I was ten years old I decided I wanted to go to the Middle East. Some missionary friends of ours were sharing at church, and sometime between donning a head scarf for a demonstration and the end of the service I told them that maybe we would be out there together one day. Continue reading

19/10/16 DTS, Magazine, Outreach Stories

My Own Flame

When I first arrived in Kolkata, India, it was close to midnight, I was exhausted, sore from traveling, and anxious about settling in. I had been looking forward to outreach since before I had even arrived in Australia to start my Discipleship Training School. When I found out we were going to. Continue reading

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Breaking Down Barriers

I grew up in a small town with little ethnic diversity. Everyone I knew was white and that was my world; until I found myself in the Middle East celebrating my 19th birthday. This was one of my first experiences traveling abroad and it was nothing like I had expected it to be, especially as an. Continue reading

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The Power of Purpose

Our lives are made up of clear snap shots in time, called memories. Some fade in to the wind and some stick with us until we are a ripe old age. Mele, a former student from New Zealand has an amazing encounter to share with the world. Continue reading

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The Blind Will See!

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