19/07/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

Around the Table

This weekend I ate the best beef sandwich I have ever had: succulent meat surrounded by a tangy mustard sauce, with fresh vegetables mixed in, enclosed by a toasted baguette to add a crunchy finish. The best part of this meal? The family I got to spend it with. Continue reading

3/07/17 Personal Testimonies

The Pursuit of People

For years, I have been passionate about seeing those involved in human trafficking be set free to find a place of safety and belonging. After ministering to a few girls that appeared to be prostitutes, it became increasingly evident that they were deceived into selling themselves. Continue reading

18/04/17 Personal Testimonies


If you’re anything like me, you make deals with God. You know how it goes: “God, I’ll do this, but only if you’ll do this. I’ll serve here, but only if you give me this.” When I first moved to Australia to serve with YWAM, these were my terms and conditions: “I’ll serve in missions as long as you. Continue reading

4/04/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

The Weight of Waiting

Right now, I sit in my little room waiting on God. I have been waiting a long time. Waiting on God can be hard, exciting, suffocating, excruciating, exhausting, exhilarating and definitely a learning experience. Continue reading

21/03/17 DTS, Personal Testimonies

"Transform My Heart, Oh God."

Steven recently completed his Discipleship Training School with us in 2016, and has some valuable insight to share with the world about his own experience. Most of which is focused on key aspects of his life that God has gently addressed to bring Steven into an even deeper relationship with Him. Continue reading

24/02/17 Community, Healing, Hope, Magazine, peace, Personal Testimonies, suffering

Where is God in Suffering?

Not long ago I stopped in at a little shop down the street, and the owner opened up to me when I asked how he was doing. I knew that two of his family members had died recently from a terrible disease. His heart was broken. He told me that if God Continue reading

6/02/17 DTS, Personal Testimonies

Rest for the Strivers

I came into my Discipleship Training School (DTS) with a preconceived idea of who God was. He was kind of like the Wizard of Oz character, His holiness always kept behind the curtain, watching me from a screen and making little check marks in red ink when I stepped off the yellow brick road. Continue reading

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