A Day in the Life of DTS

Stepping into a Discipleship Training School can be a life-changing experience. It's a dedicated season to go deeper in your relationship with God, and gain a greater understanding for you and the rest of the world.

But what does a typical day in DTS actually look like?

No day is quite like the day before it, but here’s a little taste of what a day in the life of a student here in Wollongong can look like. 

Brekky (aka Breakfast)

The most important meal of the day! Set that alarm and get the day started right!

Devo (aka Devotional) Time

Whether a "devo" means reading your Bible, listening to worship, praying or just giving God a space to communicate with you, this can be such a sweet space to connect with Him personally.

A Quick Campus Clean

All hands on deck! Because we all live in community together, we take a few minutes each morning to clean our Pink Palace. Looking goooooood! 👌🏽

Worship and Prayer

Because God is so good, we want to make space each day to thank and praise him for his kindness, his justice and his perfect love towards us. So we start most mornings as a big group with an hour of worshipping God and praying for other parts of the world.



A daily staple! We never let a morning go by without getting together for a cuppa (aka a cup of tea or coffee) and maybe a quick bit of cricket too.



Now it’s off to class! Whether you’re learning about God’s father heart, practicing hearing his voice, or learning about his heart for the whole world, this is a key time to hear from guest speakers, ask questions, and put into practice what you’re being taught.

But the classroom isn’t just about gaining knowledge, it's about knowing Jesus in a much more personal way.



We can’t always promise class will finish on time, but we can promise a pretty nice meal will be waiting.

The Arvo (aka Afternoon)

Every afternoon is a bit different. You might be having a one-on-one (a chance to connect in and process with a YWAM staff member), participating in a workshop, preparing for your overseas outreach, serving our local or YWAM community, or maybe preparing a meal. And if the sun’s out (and time allows) taking a quick run down to the beach and jumping in the ocean.



Three square meals! Another chance to sit down, enjoy each other’s company, and fill our bellies. Yum!


What you do in the evening is often up to you! Some nights we might have a Bible study or sneak in an extra hour in class. But most nights can be spent getting to know your new DTS friends a bit better, or having a bit of down time on your own, or playing a game or two, or just watching a movie. Evenings are often a chance to get refreshed after a big day.


Lights Out

We like our sleep! Life gets pretty quiet around here at 10pm on weeknights and a bit later on weekends. Speaking of which, what about weekends?

Just like our evenings, each weekend is a bit different. Some times you’ll go as a group to check out some amazing sites, and much of the time you’ll be free to do what you like: whether that’s heading to the beach, taking the train up to Sydney, doing some homework at a cafe, or connecting with family back home, there’s often lots of space to get re-energized and recharged for another week!

We are so looking forward to seeing what a day in your life here is going to look like! 


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