But Am I _____ Enough For DTS?

So, you’re thinking about doing Discipleship Training School and the idea might have you pretty excited! But, maybe every so often you hear a nagging little voice in your head that says: “Yeah, but are you really _____ enough for DTS?”

What goes into that blank might be different for each of us, but here are a few we’ve heard before:

Am I good enough?

Am I smart enough?

Am I Christian enough?

Before coming to do my DTS, that last question was the one that always went through my head. It’s the reason I took so long to even apply. I grew up calling myself a Christian but I’m not sure I really knew what that meant. I only went to church once in a while and I never went to a youth group. Wouldn’t DTS be filled with a bunch of 'holy rollers' that were totally in love with Jesus and totally had everything all figured out?!? 

Not long after we all arrived, we were invited to share with the group a little bit about ourselves: where we came from, how we grew up, and why we were doing a DTS. I chose to quickly open up about my insecurity: I didn’t feel 'Christian' enough to be there. I didn’t have many of the answers I felt I should have, I didn’t know much about the Bible, and I didn’t really know what it looked like to follow Jesus. I just knew this: I wanted my life to count and I knew that would only happen if God was in the picture. I went to DTS trying to find out what that might look like.


And you know the amazing thing? When I spoke out my fear of not being Christian enough, so many other students did too! I wasn’t the only one feeling like I wasn’t enough. 

So, if you’re thinking about DTS but feeling like you’re not quite good enough or smart enough or Christian enough, we get it. We’ve been there.

Maybe instead of asking whether or not you’re enough for DTS, ask yourself this: “Do I want to know God more?”

If the answer is yes, let that be enough!

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