Broadening Our Horizons

In 2004 God apprehended my heart and did a work of cleaning out the junk in my life through prayer ministry. It was then that I first learnt how to hear God’s voice and my heart was set alight to follow after Him, no matter what the cost. This desire to run after the things of God was the springboard for my family and I dove into missions with YWAM in 2006.

One of the great things that I've been challenged with over the years is how I see God, myself, and the world around me. The opportunity to live in other cultures and grow in understanding their way of life, has been a rich experience for us as a family and has helped shape and expand my worldview. I have been privileged in my training and traveling to sit with people of all different nations and hear their stories. To cry when they cry, to listen when they speak, and to share with them the good news of the kingdom of God.

Over the the past eleven years at YWAM Wollongong, I have seen a strong community develop. Through prayer, intercession and sending teams into the nations, we are partnering with God to see transformation among the earth as it is in heaven. As a community we have an intentional focus on developing our training schools to a high level of content and experiential learning. We want our process of learning to be aligned with the heart of God and what He is calling us to do in the nations. And as we grow in knowing God together, we also understand His heart for the issues in the world right now.

For YWAM Wollongong, this year is a year of expansion. As we dive into deeper waters and broaden our horizons to follow God’s leading, our capacity is stretched and promises are fulfilled. Two new training schools are soon to be underway and we are excited for the endless opportunities to impact the nations through the different spheres of society. By this time next year, we will look back and see all that God has done and be amazed.

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