Does 27 Still Count As "Youth?"

Does 27 still count as “youth”?  

This was the question rolling around my mind when I made my first cautious steps towards Youth With A Mission.

I was already more than few years into my “corporate America” life—commuting to downtown Minneapolis to sell a product I myself had basically no interest in. Truth be told, I was both ready and desperate for something new. 

My friends and I laugh now at the woman I was in 2010. Getting off the plane in Sydney with my Puma jacket zipped up too high and my baseball cap worn too low, I was filled with skepticism that maybe I WAS too old for all of this.

But I’m really glad I pushed through. Discipleship Training School changed my life.  

Despite coming from a Christian background, I had no idea there would be so many more things about God to revel in and treasure.

I had no idea that the Holy Spirit was someone I could relate to personally.

I had no idea that God communicates in so many different ways, and that He had been communicating all along!

I had no idea how good, big and able God is.

These truths have massively affected my life. Whether I received them at 18 or 27, I’m just so thankful that I stepped out and took a chance.

What about you? Do you worry that maybe this chance has passed you by?

Take it from someone who has no regrets: it’s not too late.

This is your time.

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