Mustered Faith or Mustard Seed Faith

In times like these, we could all use a little encouragement. A member of community, Tara, wrote this beautiful poem a week or two before our everyday world went and turned itself upside-down. If you’re need of a little courage today, we hope this is a blessing to you. Stay strong. Keep the faith. ❤️👇🏽

One a summoning

As though its parts are far

In need of assembling scattered bits.

The latter, present
iving inside
planted by love.

A mustard seed of faith
Has no need to conjure
What is not.

It welcomes reality
While being drawn

To take that step of courage
Out from where it is
To where it knows not.

It trusts
In time
What is not
Will be
Because the seed is there.

And seeds take time
To grow
To rise.

All along
Seeds are becoming
All that is necessary

For life
For love
For hope.

It all lives inside.

Mustered faith
A currency
Expecting immediate exchange.

A mustard seed of faith
A trusting
Even in times of dying and darkness.

It knows it is becoming
It isn’t that a mustard seed is small
But that it contains all that is needed

For life
For love
For hope.

All that will be
The beauty
The restoration
The shade we long to be for our neighbour

The food we long to be for a hungry neighbour.
All we long to be
To our world
It is in us.

And we are becoming


How sweet these are to anyone who tastes .
These make up the mountain in my life
But in time this mountain will be moved.

For a mustard seed planted by love
Will grow
Become all it was ever intended to be.

We cannot muster faith
But a mustard seed
Is all it takes.

Planted by love
Tended by love.

From its planting
To its death
From its death
To its rising.

Love waters faith
Love sustains faith.

-By Tara

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