Not Sure What's Next?

About to finish high school or university? Maybe you're not sure what’s next?

Would you benefit from an intentional space to learn more about God, what He thinks about you, and what He thinks about the world?

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a “moving-walkway” automatically carrying us from high school to university and from university to a career. There’s nothing wrong with this of course but we can so easily slip into what we think we should do.

But what if God isn’t into "shoulds"? What if he’s writing a bigger story and inviting you to play your part? What if some of your gifts and desires aren't an accident but were planted there by a loving Creator who wants to you use them for his glory?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) can be a helpful change of pace to pause and process with God. We like to think of Discipleship Training School (DTS) like a greenhouse—a safe space to discern, ask questions and grow in relationship with the one who put all those passions, gifts, and potential inside of you.

Are you ready for a change of pace—an opportunity to ask God what he might have in mind for you life?

What do you think he might say?

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