God Cares About the Individual

Intercession is a time that we as a base come together with a topic, usually a people group that has little or no opportunity to hear about Jesus. We spend time seeking God and praying out the things He puts on our hearts for them. It looks different every time.

We believe that as we pray on behalf of a person or group, the Holy Spirit moves and when the prayers from Gods heart touch ours, it moves us to join in agreement with what He is already doing in the nations.

//My Experience//

Recently we had an intercession time for Mali, West Africa. It was Friday morning and I was feeling tired and distracted, as I quieted myself to ask for strategy and hear Him I got an impression of a Woman’s face in my mind and her set of circumstances. I shared with the group what I got and prayed for this woman. Someone else got another individual to pray for, then someone got another and then another. We filled out the time praying for people we have never met, but God knew. I may never know the results of those prayers but I came away appreciating how much God sees the individual and cares about them- enough to wake a sleepy Kiwi in Wollongong so I could be a part of it!

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