The Blind Will See!

When I was 23 I found myself amongst an African tribe that had never before seen a foreigner. They lived in an isolated mountain valley and were castigated by the tribes around them. Their traditional songs and dances were about how other people stay away from them.

On our first day, a blind man came to our campsite. We prayed and within 15 minutes we'd witnessed a miracle: the man could see! From that point on, every person we prayed for was fully healed and we hosted the first ever church service for them on Easter Sunday.

On our last day with the tribe, I asked God: “Why did you do all of these miracles, and answer all of our prayers? This was crazy and doesn’t match most of my experiences." God responded so clearly: “I’ve been waiting thousands of years to show my love to these people. You guys gave me a week. So I gave you all that you asked for.”

Before meeting this tribe, it was hard to grasp the depth of God’s love for the unreached. But in this one week, I caught a glimpse of this love. I am forever convinced that God is committed and ready to express His love to the unreached peoples of the earth.

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