21/03/17 DTS, Personal Testimonies

"Transform My Heart, Oh God."

Steven recently completed his Discipleship Training School with us in 2016, and has some valuable insight to share with the world about his own experience. Most of which is focused on key aspects of his life that God has gently addressed to bring Steven into an even deeper relationship with Him. Continue reading

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It's Worth Your Time

Julia is currently attending our first ever School of Biblical Studies (SBS) at Youth With A Mission in Wollongong. Check out how God has met her while digging into the word. Continue reading

24/02/17 Community, Healing, Hope, Magazine, peace, Personal Testimonies, suffering

Where is God in Suffering?

Not long ago I stopped in at a little shop down the street, and the owner opened up to me when I asked how he was doing. I knew that two of his family members had died recently from a terrible disease. His heart was broken. He told me that if God Continue reading

6/02/17 DTS, Personal Testimonies

Rest for the Strivers

I came into my Discipleship Training School (DTS) with a preconceived idea of who God was. He was kind of like the Wizard of Oz character, His holiness always kept behind the curtain, watching me from a screen and making little check marks in red ink when I stepped off the yellow brick road. Continue reading

5/12/16 Community, Magazine, Vision

Engaging with Youth

In 2015, we hosted an event in Sydney for local churches called GoFest. Two of the many churches involved were greatly impacted, and in June of 2016 they approached us as YWAM Wollongong. They had the vision to host an event like GoFest held in Wollongong towards the end of 2016. Continue reading

2/11/16 Community, Magazine, Outreach Stories

Growing up in Missions

When I was ten years old I decided I wanted to go to the Middle East. Some missionary friends of ours were sharing at church, and sometime between donning a head scarf for a demonstration and the end of the service I told them that maybe we would be out there together one day. Continue reading

19/10/16 DTS, Magazine, Outreach Stories

My Own Flame

When I first arrived in Kolkata, India, it was close to midnight, I was exhausted, sore from traveling, and anxious about settling in. I had been looking forward to outreach since before I had even arrived in Australia to start my Discipleship Training School. When I found out we were going to. Continue reading

27/07/16 DTS, Hope, Magazine, newbeginnings, YWAM

Courageous Hope

I was 18 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Two months after her diagnosis she passed away in November of 2012. Shocked and heartbroken, I began earnestly questioning God - Was it my fault? Could we have done something differently? Why take her and not me? Why put me through this? Why rip my. Continue reading

29/06/16 Community, family, Kingdom, Magazine, Promises

Creating Kingdom Family

When Steph and I got married we were both aware that the other was interested in having a family. When the time was right we would have two or three kids; settle down and live the typical Australian life. However, about five years in, we discovered that we could not physically have a family of. Continue reading

21/06/16 DTS, family, Hospitality, Magazine, Middle East, Outreach Stories, Welcomed

Breaking Down Barriers

I grew up in a small town with little ethnic diversity. Everyone I knew was white and that was my world; until I found myself in the Middle East celebrating my 19th birthday. This was one of my first experiences traveling abroad and it was nothing like I had expected it to be, especially as an. Continue reading