8/06/18 DTS, Community, Personal Testimonies, Short Term Missions, Story

Is My English Good Enough?

In February 2016, I applied to do a Discipleship Training School here in Wollongong, Australia. English is not my first language but I grew up learning it in school. Some years ago I did short-term outreaches where the main language was English, but I never lived for six months in an English. Continue reading

31/10/17 Personal Testimonies, Short Term Missions

God Is There and Everywhere

During my latest trip to Indonesia, I was privileged to form many wonderful relationships. The people of Indonesia are so friendly, hospitable, and generous. My way of thinking and seeing has shifted through each personal experience of getting to know individuals for who they truly are, and not. Continue reading

31/08/17 Personal Testimonies

Peace is Possible

− "It was when I met with a former jihadist and he offered me communion, that I realised there is no barrier too big between us." − Continue reading

17/08/17 Longterm Missions, Personal Testimonies

The Greatest Adventure

I think I came into missions with quite romanticised ideas of adventure, travel, and crowds of people coming to know Jesus. I’m sure it was with this in mind that I walked into a travel agency at eighteen years old with $1,400 cash in an envelope for a ticket to Australia. Continue reading

3/08/17 DTS, Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

Crossing the Border

The miraculous story of a family reuniting with their son at a music concert had me on the edge of my seat. The cup of tea in my hands grew cold and the snacks on the coffee table were forgotten as my ears craned to hear. Continue reading

19/07/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

Around the Table

This weekend I ate the best beef sandwich I have ever had: succulent meat surrounded by a tangy mustard sauce, with fresh vegetables mixed in, enclosed by a toasted baguette to add a crunchy finish. The best part of this meal? The family I got to spend it with. Continue reading

3/07/17 Personal Testimonies

The Pursuit of People

For years, I have been passionate about seeing those involved in human trafficking be set free to find a place of safety and belonging. After ministering to a few girls that appeared to be prostitutes, it became increasingly evident that they were deceived into selling themselves. Continue reading

2/05/17 Poem

Come Away With Me

// Come away // Come away with meIn the stillnessI am thereIn the darknessI am there Continue reading

18/04/17 Personal Testimonies


If you’re anything like me, you make deals with God. You know how it goes: “God, I’ll do this, but only if you’ll do this. I’ll serve here, but only if you give me this.” When I first moved to Australia to serve with YWAM, these were my terms and conditions: “I’ll serve in missions as long as. Continue reading

4/04/17 Outreach Stories, Personal Testimonies

The Weight of Waiting

Right now, I sit in my little room waiting on God. I have been waiting a long time. Waiting on God can be hard, exciting, suffocating, excruciating, exhausting, exhilarating and definitely a learning experience. Continue reading